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Episode #1742 – Tension In The World

August 3, 2017

Tension is running high it seems on the start of the show, with lot’s to do and talk about, with Father Anthony and Tony here with us again today.  This goes into looking into good and bad things and allow for the “separation of the wheat from the chaff” so to speak with good and bad going on here.  Battling the allergies is a constant struggle for Father Anthony and Tony again this summer, as many Americans are this year.  Father Anthony talks about someone he knew and he felt like a famous celebrity, due to him being famous on the show and a listener.  Father Anthony feels like a public person and not like a celebrity like say actors and musicians, but Tony allows to help on this too.  But the main focus on today is talking about the tension we all feel in our lives, good vs bad, light vs dark, and all others like this. This continues on how God helps us and guides us still, as well as we aren’t perfect, but He is, as well as reminding us of our faith in Him.  This brings to mind the conflict between things we go throughout our lives, not just with God in terms of faith, but all around us and things we need and want.  This also raises more on God both punishing us, as well as forgiving us from Tuesday’s discussion on the show, reminding us of how God helps us, but depending on how bad something is, punishes us, while also forgiving us.  This allows Father Anthony and Tony to discuss knowledge, its differences from other things like wisdom, as well as its importance. This brings up again the “changes” around us in the last few years in America, raising more on knowledge and raises the question of “What are our values?” today.