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Episode # 1741 – The Songs Of John Denver And Religious Tolerance

August 2, 2017

Father Koys is back with us and is/was live today on the show after being away due to various reasons.  Tony joins Father Koys again today as usual and they start off the show talking about history, as Father Koys is a fan and student of history as he often says.  He brings up his interview with Will Kruger, but focuses mainly on Religious Tolerance again, explaining how America has or may find it difficult to see it.  Father Koys also continues his discussion from a few weeks back with talking about and having quotes from one of his influential heroes, Larry Schweikart.  First off, Father Koys talks about the upcoming Tribute Concert he, Tony, and Will Kruger talked about before on the show and talk about the songs themselves.  The show takes an environmental turn in talking about nature and pollution due to some of the songs that are mentioned from the Tribute Concert.  With John Denver in mind, Father Koys talks about how many, in this demographic and music type and classification, he brings up the idea of Nerds and Geeks, which also points out the difference between those two types, with the help from Tony and with Producer Nick being a geek too.  This also allows Father Koys to talk about the songs of John Denver because many will be sung and performed at the Tribute Concert.    After discussing John Denver and his music, Father Koys goes into discussing a different subject, as promised, Religious Tolerance and using quotes from Larry Schewikart again to help talk about this particular subject.  This brings up many historical figures from America’s Colonial Era and the formation of America, one in particular; Thomas Jefferson.