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Episode # 1736 – Interview With Will Kruger

July 26, 2017

It’s Wednesday and Father Koys is back with us after being away last week for a bit.  He is very happy to be here with Tony on the program and as always in the mood for “brain wrinkling” today and he opens the show with talking about guests or potential guests he hopes to have on the show, one is Vickie Thorn, who is a keynote speaker for Pro-Life and going to be speaking this weekend as well on abortion and Pro-Life.  This bring up how some might feel guilty in many aspects of this subject too, not just in terms of those who decide to have an abortion, but also those who take part in it or the doctors who perform it.  Father Koys also mentions her talk on “the biology of attraction” on a different subject here, as well as talking about the mothers who carry the baby during pregnancy and the delivery with some interesting facts and fascinating ideas on this in terms of a scientific and cellular level, including you could say the mother and child relationship too.  During the second half of the show, Father Tom Koys is proud to introduce his guest on the show, Will Kruger, a musican and singer, who he met at his 60th birthday party and is a singer and new friend of Father Koys.  Along with Tony, these three talk about the songs he sung recently, many cultural ones and famous ones done by others like John Denver, but also shares fun times when they met.  Father Koys also has some of his songs on the show too and talks to Will on why and how he came up with the songs, as well as movies they are in.  With Will and his songs on the show, Father Koys and Tony talk to him and ask him more on how inspirational Will’s music and songs are, as well as how people can relate to things in the lyrics.  Also, this brings up the Generation Gap that has been mentioned several times in society, in terms of how different music is today and how people have various and/or different tastes in music.  Two songs played on the show are: Oh God Where Are You and Sing Your Symphony Well.  This allows Will to talk about where he came up with the ideas and lyrics for the songs too and talk about the generation gap again and explain how powerful music is and can be at times.  For more informaiton on Will Kruger and his upcoming shows and performances, including the upcoming tribute he and Tony and Father Koys talk about, visit online at: