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Episode # 1732 – Thursday With The Two Tony’s

July 20, 2017

Once again, we are joined by the Two Tony’s today, with that being the trend for a bit now, and Father Anthony decides to just “jump right into it” today or into the show today with Tony “flying in” right as the show’s intro ends, but Father Anthony and Tony has much to talk about and discuss today.  For one thing, the Gospel Readings are shared first.  Father Anthony talks about the Value of things and some things in society and in public.  He brings up many things that are going on in society and from what was talked about on Tuesday with the letters Father Anthony and Tony mentioned, reflecting how things are the way they are today, as well as the things we face and how people react to them.  Tony offers commentary on what Father Anthony is talking about and provides “what is guiding me” and “I’m learning to trust” in terms of facing many things and turning to God and Jesus in our time of need and/or comfort.  This brings to mind again the Spiritual Battle and Dark Night (no not Batman LOL) that we all face and go through in our lives.  Even though we go through tough times, The Church, Jesus, and God never and will never abandon us.