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Episode #1730 – Another Tale Of Two Tony’s On Tuesday

July 18, 2017

Today, Father Anthony is back with us and Tony is with him, as last week Father Anthony and Tony pick up the discussion a bit more on what they were discussing last week.  Both Tony’s discuss the feelings we have in terms of what is going on in the world and how we can get through things.  With working things out and facing the good things and having good feelings as well as help out others to get the Counsel of God to provide comfort and help, as well as doing the right thing at times to help people.  St Stanislaus Kostka being one of the many places to offer that.  That was the good news or positive side of the show, after the first break, the show takes a turn toward the negative or bad news area with Father Anthony sharing how some dismiss God or dismiss the Laws of God here, with what goes on in society and how it affects us and leads us to dismiss God and His Laws or at least for a time.  This is the Disorder Father Anthony speaks of and the Spiritual Battle everyone goes through.  One of the things Father Anthony shares with Tony and all listeners, are letters related to both good and bad/positive and negative things in the discussion here, bringing up wonderful things, as well as provide challenges Father Anthony mentions.  Tony allows everyone and Father Anthony to hear his opinion on several things addressed in the letters mentioned on the show, in terms of belonging somewhere, and dealing with and thinking about certain things.