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Episode # 1723 – The First Friday Of July 2017

July 7, 2017

As promoted and titled, today is the First Friday of July and Geoff Hammond is back with us this month, to offer us once again the Adoration and Admiration to God and the Sacred Heart to Jesus.  Geoff is very happy to be here with us and at the start of the show, and honored to be here to pray with all of us.  He reminds us that July is the month of the Precious Blood and the devotion to it and honors Our Lady as well today.  Since he reminds us that this month is the month of the Precious Blood, Geoff has several prayers and sayings and history surrounding the Blood Of Christ.  For one thing, it’s about trusting God and if we follow and accept Him and all He offers, He will cleanse us and help us.  Geoff also has special prayers in mind today, since they are related to the Blood Of Christ.  He also offers everyone to come to St Stans for the wake of Deacon Miguel Garcia today, who passed on the 4th of July this week and the funeral as well.  After the first break, Geoff invites us to prayer and offer our adoration and admiration to God and also shares some of his recent happenings, including a pilgrimage he took recently to Rome. And as usual, Geoff offers the prayer for Examination for all of us and our struggles, troubles, worries, problems, and other things that we may be dealing with or faced with and offer Gods mercy, forgiveness, and enlightenment.  Geoff finishes off the show today once again focusing on The Precious Blood Of Christ and also reminds everyone to look into some future things that Father Anthony and others at St Stans are working on.