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Episode # 1721 – Father Koys And His “Ah Ha!” Moment Part 1

July 5, 2017

On this Wednesday, the day after the 4th of July 2017, Father Koys joins us and Tony as well, and Father Koys starts off the show with his latest “Ah Ha!” moment, that gave him a sense of peace in his life, with Tony and our listeners anxiously waiting to find out at the start.  For one thing, The 4th of July was yesterday and everyone, including Father Koys, Tony and Producer Nick had a wonderful time this year.  His moment is related to the issues and problems that the United States faces today, regarding also moral issues that Father Koys has talked about and the politics in our government, and the feelings Father Koys has had in 4th of July’s throughout his history and Americas, as well as a recent conference that was held in Florida recently and Father Koys shares his remarks on their remarks on what was discussed and his reactions to articles with the saying “experts say” with Father Koys talking about how he feels on this, sympathetic somewhat on. Part of the “Ah Ha” moment was Father Koys thinking on a more insightful thought, allowing us to get through things.  With this in mind, Father Koys, along with Tony talk about the 4th of July, not only as a Priest, but also as Americans, as well as talking about the differences in the times for the 4th of July. Father Koys talks about how he felt the “Flager Effect,” in the sense of talking about certain cultures in America.  The discussion turns toward the Florida Conference that Father Koys was talking about earlier, with his remarks and thoughts on what was talked about during that conference.  Another part of the “Ah Ha!” moment Father Koys has, regards the subject of race and various cultures and nationalities and National Identities too.  Tony also brings up his opinion on this subject matter as well and unfortunately, he doesn’t get to his actual “Ah Ha!” moment, leaving us in suspense for next week.