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Episode # 1715 – A Special Loving Tribute To Gerry Spatz

June 27, 2017

Today, a very special and memorable show for everyone.  One for Winds Of Change, fans and loyal listeners have come to know our dear friend, Gerry Spatz, who sadly this past Monday morning, passed away into the Eternal Light.  Today, we are very happy to honor her memory and all the fond and warm memories we have of her, not only on the show, but also at Saint Stanislaus Kostka itself, being a worker there and regular church goer there.  Father Anthony, Christina, and Tony all share their fond memories of her and how she made them all feel.  The tears fall during the show for all as we honor her memory, also with a special tribute opening and during the break periods, and even though Father Anthony didn’t want to come the show crying, he and everyone lets it out.  Everyone shares how they visited her and knowing her status and condition when she was in the hospital, as well as how she talked about “going,” but despite that, she was a very strong and strong willed woman and kept on going.  Christina shares how they kept in contact outside of the show and work and how she was like a grandmother to her.  Father Anthony shares how she was always the first person he’d see in the morning at St. Stans and when preparing his coffee she came out one time, being Turkish coffee.  Everyone agrees too, that she was “a woman of Faith” and strong faith she had.  Tony also shares many of Gerry’s happy moments and how she felt seeing everyone and how she loved everyone, even Producers Armand and Nick.  As warm memories are shared, many, many fun times are shared by all remembering many wonderful, fun, and funny times with Gerry, including Father Anthony being driven to the airport, talking to everyone, and even proofreading Father Anthony’s newsletters too and being a very, “super” responsible everyone says, especially when she did work and things at Saint Stanislaus Kostka.  One of the main things everyone shares, for those of you who didn’t know, talk about the day of her accident at home that happened before and sadly Father Anthony talks about how Gerry used to talk to him about being “ready to go” and how she was afraid and nervous, but in her own words, she was “ready to go.”   Everyone points out how many listeners who talked to everyone enjoyed hearing Gerry on the air and more on how she did so much, and how when on the show, Gerry would talk about how she felt about certain topics and how they had arguments, joking arguments on certain things, and Tony shares one particular story of how Gerry “kept going” on something that was discussed once on the show, as well as speak her mind, as well as help people and was a very generous person.  With the reminiscing and grieving going on, former Producer Oscar calls in and shares some of his own and personal times with Gerry, especially with praying.  Another memory shared by all is how once Gerry spent the night on the studio couch once.  One thing everyone shares about Gerry is that she never wanted to offend anyone, in particular she didn’t want to offend God.  Gerry Spatz was loved and known by many, may she be at peace and rest and she will be missed.