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Episode # 1714 – Monday With Mary And Father Matthew Gamber

June 26, 2017

It’s Monday here on Winds of Change and a Monday with Mary FioRito again and live today (or was at the time of the live broadcast) and  but today is special due to that today Mary is joined by Father Matthew Gamber from Saint Xavier Church in Cincinnati, OH and is a Jesuit Priest.  Father Matthew Gamber talks to Mary about his history becoming a Jesuit Priest, and what he had to do to become one and get ordained as well.  He also talks about his personal life, including that he studied and gained a Master’s Degree in journalism in school, and being a native from Chicago too.  With him being a student of journalism when he was in college, Mary and Father Matthew talk about lots of the books and magazines that they have read, which leads to discussing all the Catholic Fiction that is out there for all to read, with Father Matthew sharing his personal favorites, with many gripping stories on redemption, faith, sacrifice, conversion, and beliefs  You could say that May and Father Matthew share their own personal lists of favorite Catholic Novels and try to provide some interesting and very good summer reading lists for all to check out and read this summer.  One of the interesting choices on the list is The Lord of the Flies, which many read in high school or is usually on high school reading lists.  This also leads to talk about how these novels are translated into movies, as most successful books are, but like some, they might not translate well as others.  This also brings up some famous film makers and actors, such as Mel Gibson and his work.  With many of these novels in mind, Mary and Father Matthew share how not only Catholics can read these, but others who believe in different things can enjoy these too, such as Atheists, continuing a bit from Father Anthony’s previous discussion.  This also raises some points about how some churches are either closing and/or being demolished.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Father Matthew Gamber, visit online at:

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