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Episode # 1711 – More On Religious Tolerance

June 21, 2017

Father Koys is with Tony and Producer Nick occasionally today and Father Koys is very happy to be here again. However, due to computer and technical problems and updates that occurred by themselves on the air, we apologize for any problems with that, but were worked on during the show. Again, we apologize. Despite that, Father Koys talks more on freedom, religion, religious freedom again as the main focus and picks up the discussion from last week on one of his heroes, Larry Schweikart, author of the book A Patriots History of America and Father Koys, along with Tony feel that they can debater him on his turf, providing some of the audio from one of his recent discussions. Tony and Producer Nick at times voice their views on religious tolerance to help with this debate. Another area Father Koys goes into is religious history in Europe, related to what Schweikart is talking about. Also, due to the computer problems and updates, Father Koys uses that in the show in terms of religious tolerance, meaning and speaking of “updates and glitches that need to be fixed.” This also looks at historical areas of the past involving religion and Catholic Battles, including the Roman Empire, Muslims, and Protestants