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Episode #1710 – Official First Day Of Summer 2017

June 20, 2017

It’s Tuesday and today Father Anthony is with Christina and Tony and today is the official First Day of Summer, even though it feels like it’s been here for quite a while now.  The feeling is very good today with everyone and still wishing Gerri a good recovery going through some personal things and surgery too, but we all wish her our thoughts and prayers to her.  With Corpus Christi going on last week, everyone talks about how that celebration went over the weekend, as well as Father’s Day and Producer Nick’s birthday and what Father Anthony was and is working on.  With the recent procession going on this past weekend too, Father Anthony reminds us that Life itself is a procession, that we keep on going and going through things, both good and bad, but guides us and accompanies us with things.  Father Anthony also offers thoughts and prayers for all who are sick this week, including those on St. Stanislaus Kostka’s staff, including the Soup Kitchen.  The Eucharist is the main focus Father Anthony talks about with Tony and Christina, as well as all, reminding us that it is a mystery revolving around this.  Father Anthony continues to point out with this in mind, that many are suffering, not just those friends and staff in the hospital this week, but also the violence going on in Chicago and how we are all connected in a way and with God, affected by many things, with Christina and Tony offering their opinions on this and their feelings on things going on.