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Episode # 1708 – More On The Crazy World We Live In

June 16, 2017

TGIF everyone, but everyone offers and sends their thoughts and prayers for Gerri who is absent today and going through some things.  One another note, Father Anthony talks about being delayed from his trip to Rochester to get his recent treatments and being delayed due to the storms Chicago went through this week.  He talks about the flight itself and going through the long wait times for it, as well as those around him.  He shares how many, many flights were canceled due to the storms, making it frustrating for people and relates to the frustration Father Anthony has mentioned before.  After the first break, Father Anthony points out many good things coming up, including Producer Nick’s Birthday over the weekend and Father’s Day on Sunday too.  Father Anthony also points out this week is Corpus Christi and much is going on with that, with Father Anthony providing a story of Moses on this.  Along with Christina and Tony, Father Anthony brings up the recent tragic shootings as well with several United States Representatives who were shot at this week, some in critical condition, bringing to mind “the crazy world we live in” Father Anthony says, bringing to mind how we have lost some things along the way, as well as bring to mind some opinions about President Trump, both good and bad, leading to a “sickness in society” everyone says on the show today and a difference in the times too.  With all this in mind, Father Anthony shares with all a prayer from the Knights Of Adoration to help provide healing and comfort with all this craziness.