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Episode # 5736 – Father Koys On Those Who Ignore Information On Vaccines

October 13, 2021

Father Koys is here, literally in the studio today, as he had internet problems with what he’s been doing broadcasting with Cleanfeed.  Today, after referencing the Matrix again, as he often does, in relation to believing and faith, as well as to ponder the question, what is that person doing?  On a different note, Father Koys examines more on those who choose to ignore the science and facts regarding the Covid-19 vaccines and to concentrate on God, in terms of on Boarder and Reason with this in mind.  This also raises up the concept of sin and sinners in the world and going back or coming to church.  Once again, he brings to mind the works of G.K. Chesterton and Pope Francis.  For further information on the upcoming events and the Our Lady’s Triangle today, visit: