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Episode # 5297 – Finding Repentance And Salvation From Sin

February 7, 2020

TGIF with the Two Tony’s today and they are in very good spirits today. Although it is Friday, Father Anthony has much to prepare for, lots of things and work to do, but all good.  On a different subject, the Two Tony’s discuss David from the Book of Sirach here, which are from the recent readings today, and that leads to discuss about sin again and how the church is supposed to help in dealing with sin and the repentance of sin.  From this, Father Anthony and Tony discuss how people can lose their feeling of salvation due to sin and point out how even though we all sin, we all seek Gods mercy and His help in time of need.  With this in mind, The Two Tony’s reflect on many of the things the church is going through, such as stress, scandals, and other situations, reminding everyone that we are in a Spiritual Battle.