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Episode # 5291- A Visit From The St Stans Children Day 2

January 30, 2020

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rochester, and he is doing very well, this is another re-air of one of our most popular shows, from December 12th and January 2nd.  Thank you.

It’s day 2 of a visit from the Children of Saint Stans School and this time, we have the group who will be performing their first big play: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and all shows sold out and everyone is so excited to have the kids on the show, as well as getting ready for the performances on Friday and this weekend.  This time they have their teacher Ms. Riley here and she shares what inspired them to get into performing and to start the drama club and performing at the school.  Some of the children on the show talk about how they got involved, as well as what inspired them to audition for roles in the play and discuss their characters too.  Also, like the last group on Tuesday, the children sing a few songs from the show and for all to hear once again.  The kids also perform some of the scenes from the production for all to hear as well.