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Episode # 5217 - The Two Tony’s On The Missionary Incentive

October 17, 2019

Due to Father Anthony still in Rochester, but he will be back next week and he's doing okay, this is another re-air from September 20th and will officially air tomorrow Friday October 18th.  Thank you. 

TGIF with the Two Tony’s once again.  After giving the 12 o’clock hour prayer that Father Anthony has begun saying on the show, the Two Tony’s discuss not only how the weekend is coming up, today is the Feast Day of Saint Kim Taegon Andrew and others.  This allows the Two Tony’s to not only share history on this particular Saint, but also history of Korean Missionaries and Priests.  This brings to mind how we need to open our lives to God.  A question raised by Father Anthony along these lines is raised as well, “What has happened to the missionary incentive?”  This leads to them saying that we need to be under Gods Lordship.