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Episode # 5216 - The Two Tony’s On The Free Reign Of The Flesh

October 17, 2019

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rochester but he's doing good and will be back next week, this is a re-air from September 19th and it has been edited for extra breaks and for time.  Thank you.

After giving the opening prayer on the show as he is trying to do now, Father Anthony and Tony discuss how important prayer is and how good it feels to pray and how we feel afterwards.  Another thing the Two Tony’s discuss, the Free Reign of the Flesh, not just in terms of sex, which is what most consider, but how we are all connected and navigating through this world, primarily through our phones, since Father Anthony got a new one, and how there is much out there and going on in the world.  However, the Two Tony’s point out that even though it’s tempting, we need to take into account the feeling of God and allowing time to not only turn off the phone, but also to take time to be with God at times and to allow ourselves to be helped and pray to Him.  This brings up more on how things have changed in culture and society.