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Episode # 2091 – Saint Nicholas Day 2018

December 6, 2018

“Today begins” Father Anthony starts off on the show, due to it being St Nicholas Day and also, Advent has begun.  Father Anthony shares with Tony and Cristina and our loyal listeners too, the recent readings from masses regarding that.  Everyone also explains how St Nicholas and his day are important to the season of Advent, as well as Christmas, allowing Father Anthony to say we need to enjoy things and life.  After all, "Tis the Season", LOL.  On a different note, with Christmas coming up, everyone shares their traditions, including putting up the Christmas tree.  Father Anthony also brings up other aspects related to it, such as sacrifice and renewal.  Also, with it being St Nicholas Day, an important question is asked again and answered with a definite yes: “Is there a Santa Claus?”  With Father Anthony providing the immortal answer that was given to a little girl who asked that very same question; Virginia O’Hanlon, who gave us the historical phrase: Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and the answer provided in a historical edition of the New York Sun newspaper.