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Episode # 2034 - The Hour Of The Laity

September 17, 2018

Due to scheduling and family/home situations, this is a reair from September 4th and will officially air on Tuesday September 18th.  Thank you and we apologize for any inconvineces.  

It’s the day after Labor Day and we all hope everyone enjoyed themselves, with Father Anthony and company talking about what they did to relax this year.  Even though the rain fell, things were relaxing for everyone.  The Hour of the Laity has come as Father Anthony says, with talking about the recent scandals and problems the Church has been dealing with these last few weeks.  With the Hour of the Laity in mind, Father Anthony uses this as a call to action on these situations and shed more light on them.  He offers such suggestions as coming together and praying together to show our faith in God and His help and expressing things to change and bring goodness back to us in these times.