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Episode # 1687 – The Apparition And The Uprising Continued

May 18, 2017

Today, Father Anthony is a bit stuck on what to talk about, but he first picks up the discussion from Tuesday and more on that discussion.  Gerri had a great time visiting her family and Christina is a bit absent at first, due to much going on.  However, Father Anthony continues where he left off on the discussion on Tuesday.  This allows for talking about tobacco for one thing.  This raises some more memories regarding the way things were and are today.  He also talks about Madrigal and what Father Anthony remembers.  Christina shows up and the gang is complete and back together once again.  With the Apparition in mind, Father Anthony continues on that.  He also asks all three on with him today, yes Tony is here too on how they feel regarding this discussion.  He also brings to mind the Spiritual Battle we find ourselves either in or around.  One of the main focuses in the discussion today is of the “broken body” in terms of our relationship to God and Jesus, as well as other things.