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Episode # 1878 - Father Anthony: Cancer Survivor

February 8, 2018

Due to the very bad snow storm that is supposed to hit Chicago tonight, leading into Friday, this is a reair and encore presentation of the show from February 8th, 2018 and will offically air on February 9th tomorrow.  Thank you and for all of you traveling in the snow, please be careful.  

Coming back after a few weeks of recuperation, Father Anthony is here and feeling great and doing very well.  Post-surgery and with Tony, and Christina a little later, Father Anthony is hoping that we can get back into the normal routine with doing live shows again.  Father Anthony fills in everyone on the details (not too many details) about the surgery for his cancer  and how it went, the preparations, and what he thought about during this situation and his recovery period. One of those thoughts include talking about angels, since Father Anthony had feelings that they were around and helping him.  Another is miracles.