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Episode 1779 – Interview With Father Juan Velez

September 25, 2017

On this very hot (odd for and record breaking heat today), we join after being away for lots of things, Mary FioRito is back with us again today and she has with her on the show today, Father Juan Velez, author of a new book on John Henry Newman.  Father Juan Velez starts off the show talking about himself, his family and as a priest and the work he has done, including not only being a priest, but also a doctor too.  This allows Mary and Father Velez to talk about particular people he knows and worked with, or historical figures such as Cardinals within the Church.  This leads to talk about the main focus of Father Juan Velez’s latest book on John Henry Newman, Holiness in a Secular Age: The Witness of Cardinal Newman, a study of the workings, writings and more of John Henry Newman, which leads to some very interesting facts.  After the first break, Father Velez talks about what he went through with writing his new book on Cardinal John Henry Newman, raising some personal feelings about being affected by the Cardinals teachings and work.  As the discussion goes on, Father Velez and Mary talk about some of the chapters in the book, with some historical facts on Cardinal Newman and their opinions on things mentioned (SPOILER ALERT if you plan to read the book).  For more information on Mary FioRito and Father Juan Velez and his new book: Holiness in a Secular Age: The Witness of Cardinal Newman, visit online at:

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