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Episode # 1735 - A Tale Of Two Tony’s

July 27, 2017

Due to Father Anthony being away today for his treatments and he is doing well and recovering well too, this is a rebraodcast from July 11th, 2017.  Thank you.  And due to technical problems, this show had to be republished again.  We apologize for any problems.  

Father Anthony and Tony are here today, so we have the Two Tony’s you could say once again today, LOL.  But today, it’s just the boys today, due to Christina being away for medical reasons and recovering well, but out for a while now.   But as stated and the title says, Father Anthony and Tony are with us today and the whole morning has been busy, so much going on and unfortunately some of it bad, besides Christina out and recovering, last week Deacon Miguel Garcia passed away and the wake and funeral were last week, with Father Anthony and Tony talking about him and sharing many wonderful memories of him.  With all that going on, the Tony’s try to figure out what to discuss today, and first choice is once again the readings from this morning and Father Anthony reflects on the “burden” of being a Priest.  Father Anthony also points out that he and Producers Nick and Armand are working on bringing in people or inviting people to call in to the show in the future (for further details, tune in to further shows and podcasts) to talk to Father Anthony.  He also talks to Tony about how when he’s on the radio, he changes his personality, not in a vocal sense, but how when on the show, he’s more vocal, but when with other priests, he may be quieter at times.  With all this in mind, Father Anthony assures us God guides and helps us through our struggles and troubles, as well as provides us with joy. This brings up the previous subject from other radio discussions, once again on how Life itself is hard, with the world being in a strange place, with Father Anthony and Tony talking about recent and previous tragedies going on in the world, allowing for the topic of being joyful and tragic to be brought up and both Spiritual Combat and the Spiritual Battle Father Anthony always talks about.  Today is the Feast of Saint Benedict today too and Father Anthony reads from his writings too, bringing up the topic of Hell.