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Episode # 1716 – Father Koys And His Family

June 28, 2017

Today on Winds of Change, Father Koys is joined by two very special guests, ones that have very special places in his heart, for he has his mother MaryAnn Koys and brother John on the air with him today.  Both are very happy to be here, John being on before and both brothers are going to talk to their mom on her wisdom and as her son does, “wrinkle brains” as well.  Due to Father Koys and his family here today, different generations are talked about, including what his mother feels on how things are today and with Communion and how to get to Heaven, as well as her Faith too.  His brother John also says how he feels on this, going back to their childhood for one thing, both Father Koys and his brother John coming from a family of 7, with Father Koys allowing the laughs and wisdom to come on the show.  This brings up family values for the Koys Family, in terms of how MaryAnn raised the kids and the result of that, as well as using that to explain the difference on families today that many have fallen apart.  This brings up many fond memories of them growing up in the Koys household.  Father Koys and his family are also celebrating a milestone for them involving his mother on the show today, mainly talking, as stated before, about the importance of family and the differences family is today.  MaryAnn also talks about others in the family who followed into the Priesthood and other family members in general.  Father Koys also has on the show today, some songs that help talk about the Koys family and what they mean to the family as well, including the famous song Old Man River, which reminds Father Thomas Koys of his father.  As the show continues, the discussion changes from children, to marriage itself, allowing MaryAnn to talk about her husband and Father Thomas and John's dad, with some very loving advice and memories.  Through these three songs and the discussion with his mother and brother, the dicsusscion with Father Koys brings to mind much on not only family, but faith too.