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Episode # 1713 – Feast Of The Sacred Heart 2017

June 23, 2017

TGIF and once again everyone is “flying” in for the show today, with Christina and Father Anthony being the only ones on the show, at least at the start, saying Tony is on his way.  The latest Gerri update is given by Christina and says that she is having her procedure that they have talked about today, so all of us at Winds of Change and listeners offer their thoughts and prayers for her and a speedy recovery.  Also, Producer Nick is happy today celebrating his 6 months with his girlfriend too.  On a different note, Father Anthony talks about a project he’s working on, aiming at the “young guys in the neighborhood” he says, offering prayer to those who need to reconnect with God or come back to God, continuing his discussion from yesterday on Atheism.  And as the title says for the show, today is the Feast of the Sacred Heart, so Father Anthony shares some history behind that, as well as it in the modern era now.  This brings up a reminder that God is our companion and guide for us in our lives and a call to have the Lord come to us in a specific way.  Father Anthony shares some Father Son stories that are similar in tone to the Feast of the Sacred Heart, as well as through this, reminds us that God is with us and we are affected by the world and the Spiritual Battle we face, including addictions and other things we are drawn to, resulting in “a sickness,” but that God knows what we are facing and up against, but  is with, helps, and guides us in our times like this, which relates to how some may turn to being Atheists after being in periods of doubt, but being the Sacred Heart proves God has a Heart and loves, cares, guides, and helps us.  Tony joins us after the first break and talks about how his wife was away but is back now and he missed her while she was away, which reignites the discussion a bit from yesterday on vacations.  Father Anthony also shares a story around Max again too, leading to talk about relationships, even after Tony talks about his wife.  With the hour going by quick again, Father Anthony shares some final thoughts with Tony and Christina on the Sacred Heart and how we need God.