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Episode # 1712 – What Everyone Likes To Do On Vacation

June 22, 2017

Today, everyone is happy to be here, Father Anthony pointing out that Tony has “cleaned up” and that is clean shaven and looks different Father Anthony says LOL.  However, on a more serious note, Gerri who accidentally drove her car into here garage and in the process has injured herself in terms of fracturing her spine and everyone offers their thoughts and prayers to her for a full and speedy recovery.  With Christina describing what kind of procedure she’ll be going through.  Another thing everyone seems to be struggling with Father Anthony points out is this summer’s seasonal allergies and continuing in the health area, Father Anthony talks about a recent video and article he read regarding a trampoline.  After talking about all that, after the first break, summer being the time for many to take vacations, Father Anthony asks, not only Tony and Christina, but everyone the question on what people like to do on vacation.  Father Anthony shares a bit on what he’s done, including his Annual trips to Rome and how he’s prayed, as well as talking about our established relationship with God.  Tony and Christina share their ideas of vacation too.  On a different note, Father Anthony takes the discussion on a more serious area, with the subject of Atheism , due to talking about our Faith and relationship with God and how important He and religion are, turning to it and Him in our dark times and doubtful times, allowing Father Anthony to mention some articles he read.  With this in mind, it leads to a very insightful discussion on Atheism vs the belief in God.